As a service provider, we recognise the environmental impact our operation can make in terms of fuel usage by our operational vehicles and disposal of waste from sites that we maintain on behalf our customers. MGV is registered with the Environment Agency.

We work closely with our clients to help them cut energy costs and reduce light pollution that can be caused by bad maintenance practice and incorrect installations.


At McGimpsey Vallis, we are committed to ensuring we operate in a sustainable way to reduce our CO2 emissions and make the Earth greener. We constantly review our processes to ensure we are compliant at all times.



As a service provider, we recognise the environmental impact our operation can make in terms of fuel usage. We use efficient route mapping and co-ordination methods for our fleet and teams to reduce our environmental impact and fuel consumption. We take this a step further by ensuring our materials and equipment in bulk to minimise third-party journey times.



MGV is registered with the Environment Agency to ensure we responsibly handle any waste created in accordance with government requirements. We aim to recycle as much of our components by sending them to appropriate recycling agencies.



We purchase our lamps from manufacturers who are registered under the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (WEEE Directive).

WEEE registered companies are legally required to satisfy a duty to make provision for the collection and disposal of products covered by the directive. They have set up a compliance scheme to ensure that all lamps purchased from them by MGV are collected and disposed of effectively.



We understand that, to make a larger impact, you must focus on the smaller aspects of improving the environment. From this commitment stems our desire to reduce our noise and light pollution in all the local communities we operate in. We achieve this by operating within confined timeframes, when access is not impeded, and carefully fit our fittings to reduce light leaking to areas that would cause a disturbance.



As the Company’s operational activities involve working with electricity and working at height, the Company has an absolute commitment to health and safety. It is our belief that a safe working environment compliments efficient and economic service delivery.